Monday, February 23, 2009

This Weekend--- it's WonderCon!

Answers to Frequent Questions About WonderCon

Is Flying Colors selling tickets to WonderCon?
Yes! And we will sell them until we run out or until the weekend event is over, whichever comes first. If history is any indication, we will run out of tickets this week, so if you'd like to save a few bucks and some time in line, be sure to pick up your tix in the couple of days.

Will Flying Colors have a booth at WonderCon?
FlyCoJoe gets this question a lot. Fact is, Flying Colors has never had a booth at WonderCon. For the first 15 years of the event, FlyCoJoe was on the organizing board for the big convention, so that made it unfeasible to do his work at the convention and run a booth.

Also, Flying Colors was never set up to be a convention dealer. Instead, we keep our great selection of comics & other cool stuff available to our loyal base of supporters that come into our Concord store. Heck it's like a convention every day here at Flying Colors!

Is there a schedule of events listing for this weekend's show?
The Who, What Where and When of WonderCon is just a click away, so hit the link HERE!

Will there be any FlyCoJoe sightings at WonderCon?
FlyCoJoe is on a panel with Brian Hibbs from Comix Experience in San Francisco. Called "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Comics Retailing... But Weren't Afraid to Ask!", it'll be an informative hour looking at the retail environment in the comics' biz these days. That'll be Friday from 2-3PM.

Anything else?
Randy Myers of the Contra Costa Times writes a graphic novel review column. In yesterday's column, Randy shared another round of reviews worth reading, along with some of the comics' professionals he's most looking forward to seeing at WonderCon. Read his column



(ps: Since we're going crazy with links here, here's one more for you. Click HERE!
to see Bob Segarini's latest column on FYI Music Canada. In this latest column, Bob gave his choices for the Top Ten Albums that influenced him in his youth. He then asked his readers to share theirs---and FlyCoJoe couldn't resist the "blast from the past" music challenge.)

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Lance Christian Johnson said...

This is going to be the first time ever that I'm not going to WonderCon. (I've been to every single one thus far.) In short, it's just gotten too big for me, and it's become more of a media than a comic book convention.

Click here if you want the long-winded version of why I'm not going.

I think I might check out Super-Con this year though. I went to a few of those, but it was always the poor man's WonderCon. Right now though, I'm thinking that's exactly what I want.