Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nibbles of News

ITEM, GUARANTEED READ!--- Occasionally, there are excellent titles that seem to slip by unnoticed, despite the best efforts of the FlyCo Retailing Brigade.

JERSEY GODS from Image Comics is a great example. Strong talent in writer Glen Brunswick (remember Gray Area, the series he did with John Romita JR?) and art new-comer Dan McDaid (you're gonna love this guy's stuff--- FlyCoJoe sees influences including Jack Kirby, Darwyn Cooke and Mike Allred. Nice stuff!)

The FlyCo Retailing Brigade is so sure you're going to like JERSEY GODS that we have made it a "GUARANTEED READ!". Ask us about it next time you visit Flying Colors.

ITEM, FREE! --- Flying Colors Comics is pleased to be among the first comic shops in the country to be taking part in the innovative promotion from Top Cow Productions called "Let Us Win You Over".

The premise is simple. Top Cow produces comics that feature some of the industry's most detailed art to go with some darker story-lines aimed at readers older than 16.
Today, Flying Colors received a boatload of copies of DARKNESS #75, a great "jumping on" point for new readers. Featuring art by such talents as Joe Benitez, Fraser Irving, Lee Bermejo, Dale Keown, and Stjepan Sejic, DARKNESS #75 is a packed, thick issue, with a cover price of $4.99... except that at Flying Colors, this comic book is FREE, while supplies last.

So you may ask--- why is it free? Because Top Cow Production, the publisher of DARKNESS is working directly with comic book retailers (hey, that's us!) to find new readers for their unique brand of story-telling. If you like the UNDERWORLD movies mixed with a bit of the SOPRANOS, come in and get your FREE copy of DARKNESS #75.

ITEM, HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL! --- FlyCoJoe (and the beauteous FlyCoLibby) attended Fan Fest at the ballpark at Willie Mays Field at McCovey Cove in San Francisco last Saturday. It was a gorgeous, warm day, just right for a ballgame--- and there was a mini-ballgame played by toddlers at the mini-park behind the left field bleachers. The photo here is a special one for FlyCoJoe, shown with his cousin Burt.

This is the first time in close to 40 years that Burt and Joe got together, so we re-introduced ourselves to one another and found that we both share a love of baseball and we both share a great uncle who made it to the major leagues back in the '30s and '40s. Read about him HERE!Our fathers were brothers with about the same age difference as there is between FlyCoJoe (the old one, like my dad) and Burt (the young one, like his dad). Looks like the start of a long friendship!

Here's my prediction for baseball this year:
I predict there will be a Bay Bridge Series (from April 2-4, just before the regular season starts).
ITEM, COMICS BIZ! --- FlyCoJoe was recently interviewed for a report on the economics of comics and the prospects of changing cover prices. Check it out now at NEWSARAMA!

ITEM, BOOK, GRAPHIC NOVEL, MOVIE!--- Randy Myers does some very insightful graphic novel reviews for the Bay Area News Group (Contra Costa Time, et al). Recently Randy reviewed the fantasy book turned graphic novel turned movie called CORALINE. Check out his review HERE!

ITEM, MORE BIZ!--- I know a number of comic book retailers and retailers-to-be read this blog, so I want to point your attention to two events. The first is coming FEB 27, 28 and MAR 1 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It's NorCal's largest pop culture/comics convention. It's WonderCon!.

My friend and retailer compatriot Brian Hibbs from SF's cool Comix Experience and FlyCoJoe will be featured in a chat-fest called "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Comics Retailing, But Weren't Afraid to Ask!" from 2-3PM on Friday FEB 27.

As board members for the comic book industry's only retailer trade association, Brian and I will also be a part of ComicsPRO's Annual Meeting, March 19-21 in Memphis TN. All retailers are welcome...and if you are a comics retailer who cares about the future of your chosen profession, you really need to be there. Get the info HERE!

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