Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mystery News & Notes!

ITEM, MYSTERY: Sometimes, when we purchase old comics here at Flying Colors (gotta update those old pix!), it takes us months to process the comics for sale. Recently, when going through a bunch of old comics we had purchased a few months ago, I stumbled upon the photo here.

It's a comic shop from sometime in the 1980s. A little dark, to be sure...but the store does look pretty well stocked full of comics and games. So the mystery is this--- does anyone reading this blog recognize the store in the photo? If you do, please let me know by hitting the comments link at the end of this blog post. Thanks!

ITEM, POLITICS: Did you know that our new President Obama is also our first admitted "Geek-in-Chief"? Well, if you didn't, just take a look at this latest piece in the ONION. The photo and story are copyright 2009 by the Onion--and well worth you hitting the link to catch the whole thing! Comedy gold!

Over the last week, the Retailing Brigade here at Flying Colors has been busy re-stocking our impressive selection of back issue comics we have on display. Time for some bin-diving!

ITEM, COMICS II: Also in stock, but likely not for long, is a copy of Spider-Man's very first appearance from 1962 in AMAZING FANTASY #15. A low-grade copy to be sure, but it's a very solid copy for only $1300. YOu likely won't find another copy better and cheaper than this!

Hope to see you soon... in Flying Colors!


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