Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oh, my darlin'! Look Who's 50!

Another day, another milestone.

Thursday October 2 is the 50th anniversary of the initial airing of the Huckleberry Hound TV Show! .

Now, FlyCoJoe was only two years old when this show debuted, but soon after that became of huge fan of Huck, Yogi Bear and the gang.

So much so that FlyCoJoe's 4th b-day party in 1960 was a Huckleberry Hound themed affair.

And then again, FlyCoJoe's first ever "music" purchase from a record store was a 45 RPM platter of Quick Draw McGraw's two-sided hit "The Ballad of El Kabong" b/w "Ooch! ooch! Ouch!"

Somehow it makes sense that FlyCoJoe's first favorite cartoon character's anniversary is only one day before that of Flying Colors Comics.


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