Thursday, May 18, 2006


Here are another couple of shots from Free Comic Book Day.

The first is sort of an aerial view of Jenny at the counter where we gave away the comics. The second is a shot of me with Libby and Bill Morrison---and if you're paying close attention, you can see the plate of Libby's amazing creme de menthe brownies.

Maybe FCBD was your first time coming to Flying Colors--- it was for more than 200 of the 1100 people who came here on May 6.

If you're still somewhat new to reading comics or need recommendations for what to buy readers (of any age!), please know that the whole Flying Colors' "Retailing Brigade" is ready to help you! Every week we post a list of staff recommendations right next to the New Releases" board. But there is soooo much good stuff available these days, that the picks' board barely scratches the surface of all the good titles we can recommend for your sublime reading pleasure.

A lot of guys will bring their wives and girlfriends with them when the guys come to get their comics, but I've got to let you knwo that there are many comics and graphic novels that have a lot to offer women who are willing to give the comics' medium a chance. Jenny is sespecially a good staff member to talk to to find something special for female readers.

Remember--- Comics are even better when they are shared!

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