Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pre-FCBD Question: What Was the Comic Book that Got You Hooked?

In an on-line comic retailers' forum, my good friend and great retailer Joe Ferrara from Atlantis Fantasyworld in Santa Cruz CA asked the question "What was the first comic you ever read?"

As we're coming up close to FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, I thought it would be a good question to throw out to readers of "The View from Flying Colors."

Here's my story:

Before I really got into comics, there were a few steps along the way to getting totally hooked.

* I was about 5 in 1961 when I went with my Mom and little brother to visit an aunt in Oakland. My Aunt Fran had a stack of new comics to keep me occupied, including Deputy Dawg, Huckleberry Hound, New Terrytoons and a couple of others I don't remember.

* When I was maybe 7, the neighbors across the street were moving, and the older boys there gave my brother and me a big box of beat up old comics. Looked through them, lots of comics I'd love to have now, including Mystery In Space, Tales to Astonish, etc, but I'm pretty sure they were done away with during some epic Spring cleaning at Casa Field. My Mom may have thrown away the neighbor kids' used comics, but she *never* threw mine away!

* I was 10 in the summer of '66 when on vacation at the Russian River. One of my friends there gave me Amazing Spider-Man #30. I thought it was OK, but it wasn't enough to make me seek any other issues.

* It wasn't until I broke my arm on the third day of summer in '67 that my friend Steve gave me copies of Amazing Spidey #51 and Fantastic Four #65. He also let me borrow other various Marvels of the time (Tales of Suspense #92, Avengers #40, Thor #143) and I got totally hooked.

I read a LOT of comics when my arm was in that cast! To this day, Jack Kirby and John Romita are my two favorite comic artists--- although my horizons have expanded tremendously.

FCBD is a great opportunity to introduce *anyone* to the wonderful entertainment found in comic books. Even though my story takes place in my youth, one of the great things happening in comics over the last few years is that more people are getting interoduced to the comics' medium at various stages of life.

There's so much that comics offer readers of ALL ages in the way of lasting enjoyment, entertainment and edge-of-your-seat excitement! I hope you'll be able to make it to FCBD, the comics ' party of the year. Bring a friend or two to introduce them to wonders of entertaining comics! You know when it happens in comics, it happens in FLYING COLORS!

So with FREE COMIC BOOK DAY just 11 days away (!), I hope you post a comment to this blog with a story about the first comic book you ever read--- and the one(s) that got you hooked.

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