Sunday, April 30, 2006

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 6!

Less than a week to go until FCBD '06!

Nearly 200 comic book specialty shops in all 50 states and some 20 other countries around the world are gearing up for FCBD on Saturday May 6! (To find an FCBD-supporting comic shop near you, go to and enter your ZIP code.)

We're going to have a great time at FLYING COLORS on Saturday May 6 with FREE COMICS for everyone! We're bringing in thousands of FCBD special edition comics for readers of all ages and tastes. Bring your friends!

Flying Colors will also host Bill (BONGO Comics) Morrison as our Special Guest! Bill is not only a great cartoonist, he's the creator of ROSWELL the Little Green Man, he's the editor and Creative Director for BONGO Comics' Simpsons-related titles---and more! Be here to meet this very cool talent and all around nice guy!

And for our Flying Colors' Faithful, we'll have some stellar specials on a wide variety of cool stuff! Don't want to miss a good deal, do ya?

Your First Comic, Revisited:
I got some good feedback to the question I posed last time-- many thanks to SpookieG, Anonymous and Loren --- and I want to encourage everyone else to jump in and add your story by clicking on the "comments" link at the end of my last blog entry. Tell us about your first comic--- and the one that got you hooked!

One More Thing:
New Releases' Day this Wednesday May 3 is going to be HUGE!

DC's massive hit series INFINITE CRISIS comes to a scorching conclusion while Marvel's biggest story of the year, CIVIL WAR gets started with its #1 issue! We'll also have the latest volume in Fantagraphics' COMPLETE PEANUTS series, among so many other excellent reads this week.

Be seeing you in FLYING COLORS!

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