Sunday, March 12, 2006


Big time fun at the Dan Brereton "GIANTKILLER" signing to benefit Save Mount Diablo yesterday!

All 50 of the free limited edition, numbered and signed prints were given away to happy recipients---and it seemed everyone walked away with a copy of the GIANTKILLER trade paperback and a copy of Save Mount Diablo's hot-off-the-press Spring newsletter. Let me put in a plug to all those who picked up the book and the newsletter to READ BOTH!! Lots of big monster fun on Mount Diablo in GIANTKILLER--- and good info about protecting the mountain in the SMD newsletter.

One of the unexpected surprises at the event was a visit from Congressman George Miller, a long-time advocate for the preservation of Mount Diablo (and other precious natural resources). The day also saw a number of Brereton family reunions, as Dan was visited during the event by cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a sweet day all around.

My thanks to the good folks at Image Comics ( for arranging the special shipment of GIANTKILLER books. We may still have a few signed copies available in the store, so if you missed the signing, you may have another chance to get a signed copy of the cool book.

As for the limited edition signed prints, our allotment of free copies was completely given away at the signing, but there will be a small number of copies available for sale at FLYING COLORS to benefit Save Mount Diablo. Details coming soon!

The GIANTKILLER SAVES MOUNT DIABLO event also drew considerable interest from local media, including the piece that ran in Saturday's Contra Costa Times. Here's the link:

Save Mount Diablo ( is an organzation worth your charitable contribution, to help them continue their good work preserving the natural wonder that is Mount Diablo and extending the boundaries of Mount Diablo State Park.

My thanks to Seth Adams and Julie Seleen of Save Mount Diablo for their efforts in pulling together the event. Also, I want to thank the Flying Colors Retailing Brigade--- Mike Eriksson, Andy Bardin and my daughter Jenny--- for working hard to make the day fun.

And to Dan Brereton, my thanks again for making Flying Colors your "home" store--- and for bringing your family to make the occasion that much more special.

More cool stuff is on the way!



Boyo3256 said...

Awesome pic., but I have no clue what kind of wave my hair is doing there. I need to get into the habit of gelling my hair again, rather than switching between a hat and gel...I realize I'm way too caught up in my hair.

SpookieG said...

I had a great time so did my little girl, Tori - the little comic book fan of the future :)