Thursday, March 16, 2006

Colors Fly, Horses Don't (except Pegasus)

In today's editions of the Oakland Tribune and other Alameda Newspaper Group papers, film critic Barry Caine has an article about comics and graphic novels being adapted to film.

Here's the link:

But just in case you were wondering, I didn't change the name of the store to "Flying Horse Comics" as it's stated in the article. In fairness to Barry, he got something right that many reporters don't. That is, he got my last name right--- Field, not the more common Fields.

And, no, even if my store name was Flying Horse, I wouldn't go by the nickname of FlyHoJoe!

Meanwhile, check out these great pix of the Amazing Andreas Cornett. I was visited a week or so ago by this little guy, along with his brother Isaiah, his Mom Maria Elena and his aunts Bernie and Cecilia. I am Andreas' great uncle and was happy and honored to give him his first comic book. These photos show his reaction to 'reading" his first comic. Yes, kids still LOVE comics!

Peace, y'all---


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