Friday, October 16, 2020

FlyCoJoe's "Shirt Off My Back" Fundraiser!


Join us Saturday October 24 for a very low-key COVID-aware event.

This one is simple: Donate to our fundraiser for The Hero Initiative and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (BINC) and, YES!... you could go home with a well-worn t-shirt from the personal archives of FlyCoJoe and/or a copy of the new edition of STAN'S SOAPBOX: The Collection featuring the wit and wisdom of the late great Stan Lee, signed by FlyCoJoe (a contributor to the book).

All proceeds from the donations will go to benefit The Hero Initiative helping comics creators in need and the Book Industry Charitable Foundation benefiting our nation’s independent booksellers and comic retailers in their time of need.

The thing is, at Flying Colors we've been so blessed to get this far!
2020 has been a nightmare year for most of us...but between the help received from government programs, BINC and especially YOU, our FlyCo Faithful, we WILL make it through to the other side of COVID. Brighter days are ahead!

To be honest, the shirts you'll get from FlyCoJoe's collection for donating are indeed well worn... and some have seen moments of comics history. We will be supplementing FlyCoJoe's collection with more tshirts from comics and movies from the last 30+ years.

The important thing for us is to help give back to the charities giving a lot to the comics industry.

We hope you'll join us.
(Please visit our Facebook Events page for updated info.)

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