Sunday, May 31, 2020

Update: More Curbside Comic Service!

May 26 Curbside Comic Service Update:
The news today is that Contra Costa is still one of eleven California counties where retail shops are not allowed to let customers in... yet.

Flying Colors will continue to offer our Curbside Comic Service every Wednesday through Saturday.

We'd sure appreciate your orders during this trying time... and we do have New Comics coming in weekly again! Check this week's list here!

How Curbside Comic Service works:

1) Make a list of the comics, graphic novels and other cool stuff you want to get!
2) Email with your list. Please include your phone number in your email.

3) Our Flying Colors Retailing Brigade will call you to let you know what we have for you and we might even make suggestions based on what you like. We'll then get payment for your order.

4) Then drive up to Flying Colors, give us a call at 925-825-5410 and we'll run your order out to you!

You can also order a cool selection of comics, graphic novels and cool stuff from Flying Colors Shopify site. Check it out!

Curbside Comic Service days are Wednesday through Saturday from at least 11AM-3PM.
We may be available later than that, so if you're in the area with an order to pick up, give us a call.

Please stay in touch with Flying Colors at our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you, FlyCo Faithful!

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