Tuesday, March 31, 2020

UPDATE: Curbside Comic Service at Flying Colors

Want to Safely Get Comics and Other Cool Stuff 
During the Coronavirus Shutdown?

Please note: Curbside Comic Service pick up times are Wednesday from 11AM-3PM and Saturday from 11AM-3PM. To make sure we comply with social distancing,  we ask you to please set up your curbside pick ups as part of your "essential" errands.

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...
1) Make a list of the comics, graphic novels and other cool stuff you want to get!

2) Email coolstuff@flyingcolorscomics.com with your additions. Please include your phone number in your email.

3) Our Flying Colors Retailing Brigade will call you to let you know what we have for you, we might make suggestions based on what you like, we'll get payment for your order and then set a pick up time during our Curbside hours.

We have a wide selection of graphic novels, other new comics, comic supplies (bags and boards) and Other Cool Stuff. If you'd like to add that we have in stock, we'd be happy to add those to your order, too.

Hours for Curbside Comic Service will be Wednesday and Saturday from 11AM-3PM. If we receive enough orders, we'll add more hours
Thanks for your patience and please watch our social media channels for updates. Up to the minute info is always at our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram (those channels reach far more people than this blog).

Please note: To comply with the social distancing mandates, we are NOT be allowing anyone into the shop!
Thank you, FlyCo Faithful!
You are the best comics fans in the world!

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