Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Thank You DEALS!

Hello, Flying Colors Faithful!

Last week, I shared how difficult the holiday season was for our small business here. You can read my post HERE!

Since then, the response has been nothing short of heart-warming!

After 31 years in business here at the corner of Treat Blvd and Oak Grove Rd, we've never experienced more challenges than we have recently. But many of you have responded in ways giving me hope we can keep this shop alive and vital for many more years to come.

So we're throwing a surprise THANK YOU sale. Call it "Christmas in January" if you like, or the Holiday That Wasn't That Now Can Be (kind of a Stan Lee sounding title, don't you think?).

Come in this week and take advantage of the specials below. You'll get some Cool Stuff at great prices and you'll be continuing to help us out of the sales doldrums we slogged through in December.

See you soon--- this week, OK?--- in Flying Colors!

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