Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bedford Gallery's My Hero! Contemporary super-hero themed art show

We know comics fans will love the art show happening right now at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek's Lesher Center for the Arts.  This exhibit will be on display at the Bedford until March 20. From there it goes on a three year tour of museums across the Unites States.

I recently took in the exhibit and had a lot of fun seeing what statements contemporary artists are trying to make with their dabbling in pop culture's most popular super-heroes.

Last summer, I wrote about our trip to Europe where we visited some world famous art museums. There's a part of me that flinches at some contemporary artists making tons of money off the original work of others. Case in point, famous pop artist Roy Lichetenstein making millions off of blatantly stolen panels from comics artists like Russ Heath, Jack Kirby and John Romita, while those comics artists got nothing from the sale of work that they originally did.

The My Hero! exhibit at the Bedford Gallery brought back a few of those feelings. However, while there's a quite a bit of homage to the original comic artists, there's nothing that's blatantly stolen (like Lichtenstein's "work") and credit is given where credit is due.

So by all means, see the My Hero! exhibit before it closes in Walnut Creek on March 20. 

On St Patty's Day, March 17, the Bedford will host a "Hops & Heroes" event with California craft beers to go along with the super-hero themed exhibit. Sounds like fun!

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