Friday, March 01, 2013

Will Eisner Week at Flying Colors

Will Eisner (1917 –  2005) is widely regarded as the father of the American graphic novel. 

He was a pioneer in the field of comic books, as an artist, writer & studio head. He was the creator The Spirit, a character that was in newspaper strip, comics, TV and movies. 

Flying Colors joins in the celebration of "Will Eisner Week" March 1-10 in two ways: 

1) Every Eisner graphic novel is 20% off from March 1-10. This is great chance for those who haven't yet experienced Eisner's creative force. 

2) We are also asking anyone who would like to participate to come into Flying Colors and let us know you would like to go on video with either a tribute to Will Eisner or thoughts about what graphic novels mean to you. 

We also encourage everyone to get into the Spirit of "Will Eisner Week" by reading a graphic novel. 


Joe "FlyCoJoe" Field

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