Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Thien Pham: Sumo & Slam!

Please join us Saturday December 15 at 1PM as we welcome back artist & writer THIEN PHAM to Flying Colors. 

Thien's new graphic novel is called SUMO and it tells the tale of Scott, a washed-up football player whose girlfriend abandons him along with his dreams of playing pro football. But then a new chapter begins in Scott's as he is offered a position in a Japanese sumo training "stable." He abandons his old life--- everything--- to become an aspiring sumo wrestler. When he does, he begins to find some kind of center in himself...a center that had seemed lost forever.

Thien Pham, the acclaimed illustrator of Gene Luen Yang's Level Up, returns as the writer and artist of a unique new graphic novel. Highly poetic and structured to echo the slow build and sudden clash of a sumo match, Pham's SUMO is an unusual and beautiful book. It's nearly a contradiction in terms: a delicate, deft, tender tale about...sumo wrestling." 
SUMO is highly and heartily recommended! Flying Colors will also feature an exclusive bookplate for Thien Pham to sign. 

And just to make it an even crazier day, Thien Pham has agreed to take part in another of Flying Colors nearly famous COMIC SLAM!© events.

COMIC SLAM! is like beat poetry except using comic book dialogue. We'll have members of the Flying Colors Retailing Brigade ---and Thien Pham--- perform short monologues and character soliloquies from favorite classic comics. 

If you would like to be a COMIC SLAM! participant, we will may have a couple of openings for performers. Please sign up in the store with the monologue you would like to perform. We'll choose a few from those who sign up with the hopes we'll have enough time to squeeze in all the ones that are chosen. 

And if we're lucky, we'll also get Thien to do a couple of quick draw demonstrations! 

Don't miss it! 

Sumo and SLAM! at Flying Colors, Saturday December 15th at 1PM.  



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