Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

ITEM: First, last and always--- THANK YOU for supporting Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff with your business and enthusiasm all these years!

ITEM: You do know that SATURDAY NOVEMBER 27 we'll be hosting artist DAN BRERETON to showcase his new art book called "THE GODDESS & THE MONSTER"? Dan will be here at 2PM... and you should, too!

ITEM: If by some stroke of inconvenience or just plain bad luck you haven't yet received our latest e-mail newsletter, Flying Colors In-Frequent E-Flyer, click on the link and get the scoop on the COOL DEALS we'll have in-store for you this coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

ITEM: Lastly, THANK YOU!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope to see you very soon in Flying Colors!



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