Sunday, October 11, 2009

Music Alert!

Simply put: I've got a CD to recommend to you.

The band is called CRAFTMATIC ADJUSTABLES and if that conjures up goofy late-night infomercials about electric beds, then my job is partially done.

Recommended especially if you like THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS and WEEN, this local band features an ex-FlyCo Retailing Brigade member, Karl Jan Lubbe. There's a lot of humor in this music. No other band that I know of has ever had the cajones to pull off a cover of the camp-classic Chuck Connors' TV show "BRANDED" before!

The CD is now available at NOT LAME RECORDINGS. Just hit that link and it'll take you straight to the CRAFTMATICS' page at Not Lame.

While at the Not Lame site, do me a favor and check out more of the amazing music available there from indie pop artists. There are thousands of song samples for you to give a listen to.

Most of this stuff you won't find in big stores like BEST BUY or Amoeba or Rasputin's--- but you will be richly rewarded with cool new music with whatever you buy at Not Lame.

End of music plug!


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