Thursday, September 03, 2009

More on Disney & Marvel

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I am hopeful this Disney/Marvel marriage is one that works well for the long haul--- and for all involved with both companies. There are lots of jobs and livelihoods depending on it.

And, to a degree, that includes my job as your local comic shop owner. I don't believe there is any reason at all to get panicky about what may or may not happen once the deal is finalized.

Disney has the money to make this deal. Marvel is a profitable company on its own. Disney has a huge share of the girls' market for licensing. Marvel, while lagging far behind Disney, has a huge business in licensing primarily to boys. The two companies make an excellent fit.

Where some people start to get antsy is when it comes to comic books. Will Marvel still be able to push the envelope a bit and experiment with content, giving their artists and writers creative freedom?

Well, given that Marvel owns the characters and management generally asks them to be returned in the same condition they went out, I don't see drastic changes happening any time soon. We'll still get our Marvel fix of comics and trade paperbacks and floods of Wolverine appearances every week. We'll probably still get too much of Norman Osborn (... but maybe that's just me).

At the end of the day, my hope is that the source material--- the comics--- will continue to prosper.



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