Thursday, April 02, 2009

Nooch is on the loose again!

For many years, Mike 'Nooch' Antonucci covered the pop culture scene for the San Jose Mercury News.

Now "The Nooch" is on the loose again.

Months after leaving his post at the Merc and landing a primo writing gig for Stanford University's "Stanford" magazine, Nooch has re-entered the pop culture blogosphere.

His new blog is called "SectorEarth--- A little corner of the universe for observations and opinions on pop culture and all the power it wields."

And it's worth a bookmark for anyone interested in views and reviews of comics and video games.

Check it out HERE!

Peace 'n' Pop Culture!


(and check back soon for news of our guests for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, coming up soon on Saturday May 2nd!)
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