Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Limited Sale Items!

Just a couple of quick notes as we head into Wednesday's NEW RELEASES' DAY---
From the pix here, I wantt o alert you to the fact that FLYING COLORS has some very special prices on select in-stock items right now, including Series 17 McFarlane National Hockey League action figures.

The deal here is that I blew it when I ordered these. Plain and simple. So my goof is your gain. Instead of the regular price of $13-$15 each, these hockey figures are $6.99 each. And the more you buy, the cheaper they get---buy foru or more and get them for only $2.99 each! Way below cost!

We've also marked down, for a limited time and only on these in-stock items, a selection of statues and busts, including the ones you see here--- with sale prics that are well below original wholesale cost. Grab these deals while you can!
Finally for today, a tip of the FlyCo fedora to Mike Fantastic for the work he does in preparing our Weekly Staff Picks board. He carefully reproduces the logo lettering for each of the staff picks---and it's this Weekly Staff Picks board that becomes a starter for lots of comic talk here in the store.

Be here for the buzz of New & Cool tomorrow on NEW RELEASES DAY!


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