Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FCBD Photo Parade!

Another FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is in the books. And it sure was fun!

Here are a few pix from the day. We'll be posting more photos in the "FCBD" section of the Flying Colors web-site in the coming week or so (hopefully!).

Before the doors opened to the waiting crowd seeking this year's stash of FREE comics, the entire Flying Colors' crew and our professional guests took a moment to read the brand new "FLYING COLORS 20th Anniversary Special Edition". Seated from left to right are our FCBD guests--- writer Cliff MacGillivray, artists Adrian Rivero, Chris Mendoza and writer/artist Jeff "JayBee" Bonivert.

FlyCo Retailing Brigade members Andy and Leticia prepare for the marathon of comic book giveaways with a full spread of delicious FCBD editions. Flying Colors gave away more than 5000 comic books last Saturday!

Speaking of delicious, a most welcome addition to this year's FCBD festivities at Flying Colors was provided by long-time FlyCo Faithful "BJ", a culinary arts student who baked pies, spice bars, mini banana cream pies and peanut butter, chocolate and walnut cookies. All excellent additions to Libby's legendary Creme-de-menthe brownies. Here BJ treats those waiting in line to his homemade spice bars.

IRON MAN was the big winner at the weekend movie box office---and it comes as no surprise that the best place to score some classic IRON MAN stories is at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff!

Long-time FlyCo Faithful Curtis Yuen (he's been shopping here since our humble beginnings in 1988) and his lovely bride Lillian represented the day very well with their custom Flying Colors and FCBD shirts.

Mike Fantastic, the all-time record holder for FlyCo Retailing Brigade members, was on register duty most of the day on FCBD---and he was still smiling. All of us here at Flying Colors would like to deeply thank all of wonderful supporters who come in week in and week out for bushels of comics & other cool stuff.

The always-cool Sir Alfred of Napa checks out all the FCBD editions before he makes his choices for new (and free) reading material. Alfred is among the many folks who travel from quite a distance to get to the comics' nirvana that is Flying Colors.

I was quite pleased to see that some real live Super Heroes also made the time to attend FCBD. Thanks for coming, FLASH! I am honored you chose to run through our big event!

Flying Colors on FCBD: Come for the free comics, stay for the sweets and socializing in our all-ages friendly section.

Nearly 1000 people came to Flying Colors for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 3, 2008. Lots of families and lots of kids---which means many were discovering the fun of comics for the first time. Like these two kids who enjoyed the Kid Houdini and Transformers Animated FCBD special editions.

For more than 160 of the attendees at Flying Colors for FCBD, it was their very first time here. I hope you all come back to get the full view of everything Flying Colors offers---when things are bit less hectic around here.

Finally, here's a few of the FlyCo Faithful flashing their comics and smiles for the camera.

If you'd like to see a couple of the feature stories done in the local press about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Flying Colors, check out the Contra Costa Times and the East Bay Business Journal.

More cool stuff is on the way!

Peace 'n' Comics!

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