Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Comics & Calendar for New Year

Friday January 4 is the first NEW RELEASES' DAY of 2008!

The photo here shows Michael Eriksson (aka "Mike Fantastic")posing with the brand-new exclusive FLYING COLORS Comics 2008 Calendar/Poster.

Designed by the ultra-talented Jeff "JB" Bonivert, known to FlyCo Faithful for his cool and quirky comics posted HERE!.

The new calendars commemorate 20 Years of Comics & Other Cool Stuff at FLYING COLORS with lots of Silver Age weirdness and a guide to all of 2008's NEW RELEASES' DAYs.

The calendar/posters are 11" x 34" and are suitable for hanging in the Louvre Museum (I wonder if they like comics there?).

Best of all, the calendar/posters are yours FREE when you visit Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff.

See you soon!


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