Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Now That's Customer Service!"


Sometimes things are just a bit more difficult than they should be. Earlier today, a young guy of about 12 came in and asked to put on hold a certain hardcover ("THE GREATEST DC TEAM-UP STORIES EVER TOLD"). And then he decided he didn't want it on reserve.

But before having a Flying Colors' staff member take charge and put the book back in its proper spot on the shelf, the young guy did it himself. Little did we know that the book was also being sought after by another Flying Colors' fan, Seth, pictured here. So an hour or so after the first boy put the book back on the shelf, in came Seth looking for it.

Only he couldn't find it.
And neither could FlyCo staffer Andy.
And then neither could FlyCo's Jenny.

Seth's mom then asked me if I could find it--- you know, because I can find anything in my store, except in this case.

A full-on hunting party set out into the forest of Flying Colors graphic novels in search of the lost book. Seth knew the boy who'd come in earlier and called him on his cell phone to get a location of where the book might be among Flying Colors vast selection.

I entered the search.
And Mike Fantastic, too.
So did the inimitable Dave Bell.
Seth's mom proclaimed "Now that's customer service!"

Finally, Dave found it wedged behind comics and books in our Religion & History section (Yes, we're a comic book store and yes, we have a Religion and History section. I told you our selection is vast!)

And here's the photo to prove we found it! From left: Jenny, Dave, Seth, Mike Fantastic and Andy.

I post this story not only because it was the cause of great teamwork around here today, but to remind you that Flying Colors does have Contra Costa's best stock of comic books, graphic novels, and comics-related trade paperbacks and hardcovers. Manga, too.

So when you're looking for some fun summer reading, search no further than Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff.

Like I said up top: We've Got Your Cool Stuff Right Here--- or somewhere!

Peace 'n hard to find comics!

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