Thursday, April 19, 2007

FCBD Just 15 Days Away!

You are invited to our HUGE Free comic Book Day party here at FLYING COLORS, Saturday May 5th!

Our Special Guest will be artist JH WILLIAMS III, whose work has recently graced the stories of Alan Moore (PROMETHEA), Warren Ellis (DESOLATION JONES) and Grant Morrison (SEVEN SOLDIERS).

JH WILLIAMS III will be here on FCBD from 11am-3pm signing copies of the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA FCBD Edition, written by Brad Meltzer and drawn by a host of great talents, including Mr. Williams.

Be here, OK? And bring some of your non-comics reading pals to the party, too.

Supplies of some FCBD comics may be limited, so be sure to get here early! You know, not "sleeping bag early", but just make sure to get here!!

For a complete list of Special Edition FCBD comics, please go



1 comment:

Stephen said...

Are you going to be open your normal hours on FCBD, or will you have different hours that day?