Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy...

Steve Rogers aka CAPTAIN AMERICA
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So we're talking the Death of Captain America. No spoilers here, but you must have already seen and heard the news that Steve Rogers, the man who has been Captain America since before the U.S. got into military action in World War Two, has died.

Captain America---dead?

Read about in the brand new issue #25 of CAPTAIN AMERICA from Marvel Comics, written by Ed Brubaker and aritst Steve Epting. Brilliant in its execution, it's emotional, suspenseful and ultimately, saddening. At least to this old Cap fan.

Will he stay dead?
Will someone else wear the Captain America uniform?
Do true legends ever die?

Captain America has "died" before, in the classic comics pictured here by Stan Lee, Jim Steranko and John Romita Sr. But this time, those in the know at Marvel are saying this is the real thing. Or at least as real as it can get in a $4 comic book.

Well, the news today struck a lot of people, moving them to come to FLYING COLORS and buy and read the death of Captain America. The story continues in CIVIL WAR:The Initiative and in MIGHTY AVENGERS #1.

But is this where the story ends?
Coming soon: FALLEN SON: The Death of Captain America mini-series, where various other heroes associated with the good Captain ruminate on his passing, and look deeper into how it happened, who is repsonsible and whether there's more to the story.

Be here for the ride!

In the meantime, Rest In Peace, Steve Rogers!

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