Thursday, November 02, 2006

New TV Ads on the Way---

We'll be getting a couple of our new FLYING COLORS TV Ads on the air in the next week or two. Until that happens, though, I wanted to give you a peek behind the camera with these photos from our ad shoot.

We'll be using some of the footage we shot on Free Comic Book Day, along with some new footage. These ads are one of the ways we reach out to the wider community in the hopes of finding new customers. If you look around at all visual media--- TV, movies, video games---comic book related content is more popular than ever, so I hope that means more poeple than ever willbe willing to take a deeper look at all the amazingly entertaining things going on in comics and graphic novels.

Back by popular demand, both Jenny and Brian will be in the new ads. This shot is one of Jenny's out-takes, as she doubled over laughing after flubbing one of her lines. She did a great job with her ads! This girl should be on TV full-time!

It was fun shooting the ads, since we did it here on a Wednesday during a busy New Releases Day. The whole shoot took less than two hours, but there were a number of FlyCo regulars who became audience members as the lights came up and the camera rolled. As always, we have fun doing what we do---and we laughed a LOT through the ad shoot.

And here are a couple shots from Halloween here in FlyCo Land.

It was pretty low-key around here--- I dressed up as a comic book retailer (of all things!).

But the kids in my home neighborhood really liked getting comics and candy when they came by our place.

Now that Halloween is past, we're getting to the point of the year when thoughts turn to gift lists for the Holidays. As always, we're happy to help you get just the gift you want for the Comics' Fan on your list.

Come see us soon!


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