Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look! Up in the Store! It's...the New Skyscape!

Publisher's Weekly interviewed me last week for my reaction to Marvel's announcement in the delay of CIVIL WAR and related titles. You can read the coverage
Let me know your reactions to this mini-tempest by hitting the "Comments" button, OK?

While we're waiting for the CIVIL WAR title to get back on track, there are two excellent CW-related tie-ins that hit the racks today--- NEW AVENGERS and HEROES FOR HIRE. Don't miss 'em!

Also in store, the first issue of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE of AMERICA (no abbreviations this time!) by New York Times' best-selling author BRAD MELTZER (2005's IDENTITY CRISIS). WONDER WOMAN #2, another late title also shows up today---and like CIVIL WAR will be when it finally shows, this title is worth the wait.

Also form DC, the ABSOLUTE DARK KNIGHT over-sized hardcover is here---and with the requests we've been getting for this one, we suggest you put it in your "buy" pile soon.

ITEM: Some of you have noticed---and I've pointed it out to others, but there's a new addition here at FLYING COLORS. It's the new FLYING COLORS' skyline and spacescape spanning the more than 40 feet width of our store.
Be here soon for all the Cool Stuff!


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