Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Releases' Day! Woo-hoo!

Time for Picks of the Week from Your Friendly Neighborhood FLYING COLORS' Retailing Brigade!

JOE: All-Star Superman #2
The first issue of this new series was one of Flying Colors' best received and best selling comic books of 2005. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely at their sci-fi super-hero finest!

MIKE: Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #1
Joe Kubert returns to his signature character with this stunning new mini-series. A must!

BRIAN: X-Statix: Dead Girl #1
The long awaited return of peter Milligan and Mike Allred's decidely different take on the X-world, this time joined by
artist Nick Dragotta.

JENNY: Walking Dead #25
So many people have taken Jenny's recommendation to try the Walking Dead trade paperbacks. Well, this is the issue you can start reading it every month in comics form, as #25 picks up at the end of the 4th trade paperback.

CINDY: Girls #9
The Luna Bros. are getting acclaim for their work on the Spider-Woman limited series, so be sure to check this one out, too.

ANDY: JSA Classified #7
"Honor Among Thieves" continues, featuring the Injustice Society!

ED: Planetary #24
Warren Ellis and John Cassaday have delivered something special with each issue of Plantetary. You know the wait is worth it!

Lots more great stuff hits the racks Wednesday morning, including the titles in the pix I've dropped into this blog entry. Be here for the buzz of new & cool every week at FLYING COLORS!


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